Waratah Description

The Waratah is a stout, erect shrub which may grow to 4 metres. The dark green leathery leaves, 13-25 cm in length, are arranged alternately and tend to be coarsely toothed. The flowers are grouped in rounded heads 7 to 10 cm in diameter surrounded by crimson bracts, about 5 to 7 cm long. It flowers from September to November and nectar-seeking birds act as pollinators. Large winged seeds are released when the brown leathery pods split along one side.




What to look out for


Rabbits can be a problem when establishing small plants.( Physical protection) Waratah Borer can do a lot of damage, by the time the tell tale "sawdust" is observed it is too late.

Scale usually on the under leaf can easily get out of control if not attended to.

White oil spray.

Some areas are contaminated with the fungus Phytopthora cinnamomi and should be avoided. , Phosphonic Acid spray may help Commercial growers should be aware of a leaf spot fungus Guignardia citricarpa that can get out of control.

March and September are ideal months to plant out in temperate Australia .

Make sure a watering system is in place before planting.

Waratahs will withstand frost to -12*C, however young soft plants may not tolerate the freeze, and cut flowers will not recover from freezing.


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